What Will You Do When The Game Drive You Mad

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Got disconnected while killing boss in instance? Keeping being killed by the VIP players? Got hacked? The game lag makes it impossible for you to do the quest? Keep failing in upgrading your gear? As a player, you must meet such problems, and some of them can really make you mad. Tell you a secret, I broke up with my ex just because he smashed my keyboard while playing games.

As for you, how do you vent when you meet such problem in game?

1. Smash keyboard and mouse

In most cases, smashing keyboard and mouse is the first choice of most players. Though it can vent your anger for a short time, you have to pay for them later. How many of your keyboards and mouses were smashed because of your anger?

2 Giving vent to friends

There is also such kind of gamers, they are good at enduring, and rarely get angry. But this enduring is just a kind of debuff. When their anger reach to a critical point, they will become rage and give their vent to the friends around.

In such situation, even a joke can lead to a fight. Of course you don't need to pay for giving vent to friends, but mending friendship is not such an easy thing as mending your gear, isn't it?

What's more, if there isn't any person around, they may give vent to themselves. Slapping their faces, pulling their hair…At last, they got black and blue without venting spleen.

So what's the best way to vent our anger? Today we have collected some “Free & Healthy Venting Ways” for all the gamers. If you have your own idea, just share it with us.

Venting on your bed

1. Venting on your bed

Punch your pillow, roll on your bed, just do everything you want to do on your bed. No one will stop you, and no one will get hurt.

2. Yelling

You don't need to buy the horn in game and yell in game. In fact most of the gamers will just ignore you. I think your bedroom is a better place for you to yell. Shout to your dolls, you'll feel better than shouting to your friends


3. Sporting

It's a good method for those gamers who always sit on the computer for a long time. Sit-ups or push- ups, you can do it anywhere in anytime without any help. If you're not satisfied with them, you can try to leave your bedroom and run up and down the stairs.

Is there anyone you've already tried? Or do you have your own venting method? Just join the discussion.

What Will You Do When The Game Drive You Mad



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