ONE-UP Inc. First Time Self-Publishing Two Titles!

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ONE-UP Inc.(Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Shizuya Nakamoto,, henceforth ONE-UP), announced at today's "ONE-UP Inc. Press Conference 2012" that the company will be self-publishing two titles.

First Time Self-Publishing Two Titles!

Up until now, ONE-UP has been involved with the development of hit games such as "Browser Three Kingdoms", "Sengoku IXA" and "Browser Three Kingdoms Mobile." However, the two titles announced today have been developed from start to finish by ONE-UP Inc. and will be operated by the same company.

In addition, future overseas development is also being considered for these titles.


Title Device Platform Scheduled service start in Japan
Megami Engage! PC Browser mixi August 8, 2012 17:00
Sengoku Zero Mobile (Feature Phone & Smartphone) GREE Mid-August 2012

Megami Engage! Sengoku Zero

Megami Engage!

"Megami Engage!" is a simulation RPG for PC browsers. Service will begin on August 8, 2012 at 17:00 on the "mixi" platform.

Many famous beautiful girl characters will be participating in "Megami Engage!", such as "AIR", "Little Bastards!", and "CLANNAD" from "Key"; "Pure White Symphony" and"Haretokidoki otenkiame" from "Palette"; and "the Grisaia Series" and "Jibril Series" from Frontwing company. Players fight for one of four goddesses, and use the pretty girl characters to battle for supremacy.

【The Four Goddesses】

Sun Goddess "Meris" Moon Goddess "Mitori" Star Goddess "Eruto" Earth Goddess "Mater"
Sun Goddess Meris Moon Goddess Mitori Star Goddess Eruto Earth Goddess Mater

【Overview of the characters participating in Megami Engage!】

Copyright/Brand Production
Chiyo After
Little Bastards! Series
Rewrite Series
planetarian ~small star dream~
Palette Haretokidoki otenkiame
Pure White Symphony
Rhapsody of Moonlight
Frontwing Grisaia Series
Jibril Series
Star Song
Nexton Zettai★Devil King
Wicked Bride
Sister Select☆General Election
Kogado Studio Tristia of the Blue Sea
Neosphere of the Blue Sky Series
Amaneka of the Dawn and the Blue God
Silver Karu and Queen of the Blue Sky
Escu:de Figu@Mate
Crimson Lotus Flower
She Doesn't Pray to Koten
Virgin Love Prestar Series
feng Starry Sky Bridge Series
A Hill Dyed Red
A Hill to See the Blue Sky

Additional beautiful girl characters are scheduled to be added.

Sengoku Zero

"Sengoku Zero" is a card battle game set in the Warring States period of Japanese history. It is scheduled to begin service mid-August 2012 on the "GREE" Platform. First, the feature phone version is scheduled to be released, followed by the smartphone version.

Gorgeous cards have been drawn by famous artists such as Rinshin, Shima Udon, Tamaniku ATK and Keizo Shimizu, enlivening the game. During battle, arcana (skills) will be randomly awakened through a feature system called "Arcane Awakening". These combine to make a new style of card battle game.

Sengoku Zero

ONE-UP Inc. Official Site:

"Megami Engage!" Official Site:

"Sengoku Zero" Official Site:



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