Odin Quest Open Beta Finally to Launch on YouJoy

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Odin Quest is a browser-based online ARPG game published by Youjoy. The story is based on Nordic Myth. The outstanding visual effect has ensured players a real experience in the forgotten magic world where thrilling dungeons, exciting player fights and cute pet competition await. Youjoy is to release Server 1 of Odin Quest on 17:00 Aug. 7, 2012 PDT. Are you ready for the challenge?

Odin Quest Artwork

A piece of parchment was found in deep sea. It revealed the epic war between gods before humans ever came into being. This cursed parchment records an unfinished Odin Quest. Warriors, Mages, Assassins, Hunters and Priests have formed alliances competing with each others, in order to find the mysterious treasure. And the fight between them has changed the look of this planet forever.

There are various dungeons in Odin Quest. Players will act different roles in different dungeons to achieve various goals. It's never tiring for players to gain all kinds of materials, equips, gold and exp they need in Odin Quest while having verified fun and excitements playing in dungeons with friends.

Odin Quest Artwork

There is a perfect Enhance system of equips. Players can enhance equips with Enhance Stones, inlay equips with all kinds of Runes; verify the Runes, transfer and upgrade equips. It won't take you too long to get your satisfactory equips with this Enhance system.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Obviously, Soulblade is one of the most attracting systems in OQ. This is a new system for players to improve the comprehensive strength. Players can Improve SB with Improve Crystals, Change the SB skills with Skill Crystals and Transfer the Sub SB to the Main SB. Also, players can increase massive HP through Soul Scoop. Besides, AFK system of SB is the light spot in OQ, which is the best way to farming monsters and BOSS.

Odin Quest Screenshot

In OQ, as you kill a white name player, your Fury will accumulate and your name will become red and will get punishment when you die in the game. This is another new system called Red Name system. On one hand, it requires players to obey the basic rules; on the other hand, it adds more fun to enjoy the game. Players can check your Fury in the Profile.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Another system is about the Runes. Players can get runes through Valkyrja's Test, trade and treasure hunt. There are 8 types of runes: Attack, Defense, HP, Magic, Dodge, Accuracy, Crit Rate and Crit Damage, which is divided into 8 levels. Lv1-Lv4 are Junior Runes; Lv5-Lv8 are Senior Runes.

Odin Quest

Based on Nordic Myth, Odin Quest is going to wake up the warriors, guide them to take Odin's quest and step on the road to the lost treasure. In order to get the treasure, five camps are now summoned to compete with each other. Are you ready to get Odin's blessing and conquer the continent? Join us now!

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