BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: July 23 to July 29

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Hello, everyone, It's Monday again, time to wake up and say goodbye to your sweet weekend now. Before starting your work, do you still remember how many new/funny things have been brought forth on BBGsite during last week? It doesn't matter if you forget some of them, since I will select all of them here in this Weekly Wrap-up! Just turn your eyes here and take a rest now:

2012 ChinaJoy is Here!

What's the largest game expo in China? Of course the ChinaJoy. Last week, 2012 ChinaJoy opened its curtain in Shanghai. As a matter of course it catched so many people's eyes. Now let's see how many funny news there are in the 2012 ChinaJoy:

2012 ChinaJoy

ChinaJoy 2012: Browser Games Become Highlight

It seems browser games are on its way to go beyond the client games. Even though lots of the game company don't want to admit the bottlenecks of client games is turning up, the fact is, more and more company turning to browser game market which has a higher rate of return.

So what are the CEOs of those big game company think about it?


Gold Cloth Athena in 2012 ChinaJoy!

If you are a fan of Saint Seiya, you must scream out when you saw this news. A Gold Cloth, which is 25kg Weight and worth 200,000 yuan (RMB), appeared in ChinaJoy Expo. I'm sure it will be the handsomest cosplay in this year's ChinaJoy. I can't help wondering how it feels when dressing up in this cloth.


Handsome Showboys in 2012 ChinaJoy

Tired of watching the sexy girls in game expo? So am I. No matter in which game expo, we can see showgirls everywhere. Of course watching beauties is a great enjoyment, but sometimes we need something totally new. That's why I'll introduce some showboys to you instead of the showgirls. Are you ready to see how many handsome boys there are in 2012 ChinaJoy now?


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