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Pockie Pirates Chapter Two: Beloved Mr. 2 Has Arrived!

Date: Jul 26 2012 22:08:49 Source: Official Site Views:
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The first major update for Pockie Pirates is here, with brand new features to make your pirating and plundering days more exciting!

Crew Recall

Regret firing Jango? Well, he would've left you forever in the past, but now you can get him (and any other famous pirate) back with Crew Recall!

First, open up your Logbook.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Then select one of your lost crew members and click "Convene".

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

And finally pay up 10 gold (for hurting his feelings) and welcome back, Jango! Best of all, his skills and stats remain the same as the time you fired him.

Crew Transformation

Tired of staring at the same character every day? Well now you can turn into your favorite crew member with the new Crew Transformation feature!

Similar to Crew Recall, open up your Logbook and select one of your crew members. Then just hit "Transform". However, you'll have to pay 10 gold (or use a Transformation Card) for the cost of surgery.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

After you pay up, voila! It's that simple!

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Besides, a few new in-game activities are also prepared for all the gamers. You can view the details of the activities here.

To learn more about Pockie Pirates, visit to BBGsite Pockie Pirates Zone >>




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