ChinaJoy 2012: Browser Games Become Highlight

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ChinaJoy 2012

ChinaJoy, the largest game expo in China, rose up its curtain today. Lots of the game fans and developers participate in this expo, and on the first day's Summit Forum, we can see several "Tend" of the game market in this year.

In the "Chinese Game Industry Report" unveiled by GPC & IDC, it shows the actual total revenue income of the Chinese online game market is 23.55 billion yuan (RMB), increased by 16.9% compared to the first half year of 2011. Meanwhile the actual total revenue income of the browser game in the same period rose up to 3.82 billion yuan with a growth rate of 16.9%, compared to the first half year of 2011, which is almost three times higher than that of online game.

Even though lots of the game company don't want to admit the bottlenecks of client games is turning up, the fact is, more and more company turning to browser game market which has a higher rate of return.

Is it easy for client games evolving to browser games?

According to Wang Feng, the CEO of La Gang, No matter how excellent a client game is, it also needs to consider of adapting to browser game. However, it's difficult for client game company to get succeed in browser games market.

Also, the CEO of Shanda Games Tan Qunzhao says "All we client game companies need to know more about the new gamers brought by browser games, not only their gaming habit, but also the fun factors in browser games."
Of course, there were some other views in this discussion.

Li Ruijie, CEO of ZQ Games, says client games and browser games are not just a simple conflict. There is also a cooperate chance between them. Zou Tao, CEO of Kingsoft Season Game Studio even think with the development of hardware, the user experience of client games and browser games will become similar. It means their user groups will combine together in the future.

On the other hand, there is also some company doesn't positive about browser games. Ding Lei, CEO of NetEase thinks client games are still set to fully emerge in the future. Now it's just in the self-regulating phase. And the current browser games are still lack in quality.

No matter how they think about this problem, we can't deny that more and more client games are on its way to browser games. What do you think about the future of client games and browser games?



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