Wargame1942 Server Contest

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There is still time to jump into the action and join the Wargame1942 Blitzkrieg new server contest!

Each Blitzkrieg war last only 90 days, after which a new war will begin! After the 90 days end and you are in the #1 ranking spot you may qualify to win our very special Wargame1942 gaming prize package with all sorts of goodies. In this package you will win: Tritton AX 720 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, Razer Naga Special Edition Mouse, Razer Anansi MMO Gaming keyboard, Swiss M18 Steel Helmet and a Wargame1942 Dog Tag. Contest ends on September 4, 2012!

Official Terms of Service

Wargame1942 Server Contest

Wargame1942 North America consist of two servers. Alpha and Blitzkrieg, both having different features but are the same game. You can choose to play on Alpha server where the server never resets. You are always able to keep all the buildings built and all the resources and money made. Unless you lose a battle in which your opponent may take down buildings and units. To keep your base it will take you longer to build and gain your resources needed to defeat your enemies. While the Blitzkrieg server is sped up to build your buildings faster and gain your resources in time to take out your opposing enemy. The first 7 days your newbie protection is off, you have 60% research duration and you can earn special achievements battling on Blitzkrieg. However, there is a price to pay, after 90 days everything will be reset for the next 90 day battle!

Which server will you choose?



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