Youjoy Announces Closed Beta of Odin Quest

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Odin Quest is a browser-based online ARPG game  published by Youjoy. The story is based on Nordic Myth. The outstanding visual  effect has ensured players a real experience in the forgotten magic world where  thrilling dungeons, exciting player fights and cute pet competition await. Are  you ready for the challenge?

Odin Quest

Fight for Treasure—Alliance Battle

 It's said at Deep  Rolling Plain there's an ancient chamber where gods used to store their  treasures. However, the treasure is carefully protected by ancient gods that  they prepared a test for human heroes, and only the strongest can be the owner  of the treasure. All alliances are sending their best soldiers to compete. The  winner alliance will be respected and blessed by ancient gods with the endless  fortune.

Odin Quest

Medagate Battle

 Hundreds of heroes  of alliances will get together and fight for the ownership of the city Medagate.  The winner will become the Castellan of Medagate, owning the title of “Giantlord”  and his/her statue will be at the center of the city.

Odin Quest

Gods of Medagate will hold daily buffet  and invite all heroes in town. Heroes might have toasted for each other and  rushed to the dining table to get food. All these activities are giving huge  amount of EXP and fun to play.

 Awesome looks, speed of sound, mounts in  Odin Quest are various and exclusive for heroes of different classes. With your  super mount, you can travel around the world and chase down your enemies.

 Various dungeons will bring heroes to up  in the sky and deep down the ocean. Different dungeons have different plays and  give more fun to players except the EXP, items and equips.

 Arena, the place  where gods used to compete, is now open to human heroes. All heroes will be divided  into 2 camps of bright and dark. Hundreds of heroes will get together in Arena  and fight till death to see who's the strongest. Make sure you are ready for  the competition before you step in the Arena.

 Never-ending battles are destructing the  magic land. Facing the danger together with all classes of heroes, or  conquering the land for your treasure hunt is for you to choose.

Start time: July 19th 2012 06:00 (PDT)  


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