Level Cap of Lvl70 for Call of Thrones Released

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The updated version of Call of Thrones is officially coming now! Level cap is raised to lvl70 in the new version, and more powerful bosses with awesome gears are waiting for you to explore!

Now let's check out what's new in this renewed version of Call of Thrones!

I. Level cap Increased to 70

Don't feel settled when you reach lvl60. The nightmare of level upgrading is not over yet. Here comes the cap raised to lvl70, of course along with more awesome fresh skills of lvl70 in return. These new skills will help you fight better and obtain more in battles.

II. Tower of Babel Releasing Floor 70 ~ Floor 100

Tower of Babel is upgraded to the 100th floor. There appears more powerful boss with their enhanced skills, which will bring about horrified damage. Do you want to see which floor you will be ended up, try it now! Remember that there are rigorous tests ahead before turning into the GOD.

III. New Instance---Shadow City

Instance of Shadow City is released in the updated version this time. You will get access to more blue weapons& gears, also items to upgrading the lvl70 purple gears. This time you need to think twice before deciding to challenge the instance solo. (The difficulty of Nightmare is not released for now.)

Call of Thrones Screenshot

IV. Lv70 Purple gear

Ladies and gentlemen, now let's give it up to the most important thing in this renewed version: the LVL70 Purple Set!

There added more attribute bonus to the LVL70 Purple Set and the costume of it looks super cool! If you want to be the one that stands out in the group and scares your enemy far away, this is the set you could never miss! Grab one of the lvl70 Purple Set and you will be the most shining star right away!

Call of Thrones Screenshot

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