Pockie Ninja II Original to Feature a Host of Brand New Locations

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Upcoming fully-fledged anime-inspired sequel promises to be NGames best looking MMO to date

Publisher NGames has revealed a sneak peak at the new locations and scenery to feature in their highly anticipated upcoming Naruto and Bleach inspired game, Pockie Ninja II Original.

Since its launch early last year, anime-inspired browser-based brawler, Pockie Ninja has been applauded for its stunning visual design, winning the BBG Site "Best Graphics" award for 2011.

Now, thanks to a new advanced Graphics Engine 2.0, the scenes and graphics in the upcoming sequel, Pockie Ninja II Original, promisesto be even more awe-inspiring.

NGames hasreleased some artwork and information revealing the new locations gamers will enjoy as they make a name for themselves in the exciting new ninja world of Pockie Ninja II Original when the game launches this summer.

Valhalla - Home to Immortal Souls

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

Valhalla is a building that houses the souls of legendary ninjas. Boasting a solemn and respectful aesthetic, players can challenge the souls within Valhalla in a bid to win precious in-game rewards and cement their place in ninja folklore.

Demon City - Haunted by the evil

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

Unlike Valhalla, Demon City is a creepy, often terrifying dungeon for players to challenge. One look at the quiet, long staircase and wide open gates gives the chilling impression that a ferocious monster is constantly watching players, waiting for them to fall into its trap.

Konoha – Beautiful Anime

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

This is what the village of Konoha is inspired by, a beautifully lit, colorful backdrop with impressive flaming red houses that evoke memories of the five head statues of the hokages.

Village of Wind - Romantic Setting

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

The gloomy Village of Wind has been given a romantic twist for Pockie Ninja II Original. Rivers stretch out to the infinity, gorgeous windmills pepper the landscape and the sky is crystal blue. Being in the Village of Wind feels like taking a walk on a fresh spring day – the wind is gently, and flowers and catkins are dancing everywhere.

Village of Thunder - Mighty as the Gods

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

The Village of Thunder is magnificent to behold. Temple-like houses stand tall while lightening constantly strikes across the sky. The village looks like a beast hiding in the forest; you can admire its dignity even when it's quiet, and should fear its wrath when it is angered.

Village of Earth – Where Self-Sacrifice Prevails

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

The Village of Earth's style is inspired by Buddhism. Ninjas fight on the forefront to absorb damages and defend mates – it is the ultimate paradise of self-sacrifice. Just as the Earth Bodhisattva, "I will not become Buddha until all hell demons are gone!"

Stunning graphics, awesome characters and cool skills are what Pockie Ninja II Original is all about. The game is coming soon.

Check out the official site for more info:



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