Mythic Saga (NA) CBT Launch Planned for July 1st at 5:00p.m. PDT

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June 25th, 2012 – COOLTOPLAY announced today that the newest Free-to-Play Browser Based MMORPG, Mythic Saga, is now coming to the North American Market for the first time ever! Mythic Saga is a game of legendary success and in other regions around the world with hundreds of thousands of players.

The completely immersive world of Mythic Saga is deep and rich in content and it is based on the tales of Asian gods and goddesses in the times of old. The graphics, art style, and world design are all cutting-edge. The playability combined with the beautiful graphics will create new and unique experiences that will have you craving for more!

You will be able to embark on your journey by choosing one of four mighty classes, each with its own unique play style. Enter the world as the mighty Warrior whose toughness is without peer; or hide in the shadows as the Assassin using poison and stealth to take your enemies by surprise! Bend the powers of Heaven and Earth to your will as the Mage; or walk in the light as the Priest and bring peace back to this broken world. The choice is yours, what role will you play?

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You, like hundreds of thousands of players around the globe, will be drawn in to the world of Mythic Saga by its many features which differentiate it completely from the "run of the mill" MMORPGs. Some of the unique features of Mythic Saga are as follows:

  • A new and enthralling environment complete with thousands of unique Monsters to slay, with Treasure, Weapons, and Armor to collect.
  • A challenging open world PVP Combat system that relies on each player's skill.
  • Intense 10 vs. 10 Team Battle Arena, where rewards are a plenty!
  • Fight for glory by joining a Guild and bringing honor to one of the three Factions in which you have sworn. Adopt a disciple by becoming a Mentor, and even get married! The social dynamics of Mythic Saga leave little else to be desired.
  • Engage in all-out warfare among 3 opposing factions!
  • With your Relic at your side, you will never be fighting alone. Command your Relic to assist you in battle and upgrade it through Mythic Saga's advanced in-game item Upgrading System.
  • Enjoy a close relationship with Mythic Saga's Developers and GMs who will even play alongside you in game!
  • Monthly updates where player feedback will be implemented—we listen to you!

Enter the world of Mythic Saga, and make your own fate!

For more information:

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