Pockie Ninja II Original Announced!

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Exciting Naruto and Bleach inspired sequel brings new graphics, coveted new features and a free roaming ninja world to conquer

NGames is proud to announce the exciting sequel to their hit Naruto and Bleach inspired MMORPG, Pockie Ninja – Pockie Ninja II Original – launching this July.

Building on the groundbreaking, multiple award winning work on Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja II Original improves all the elements that made the anime-inspired RPG one of the surprise hits of 2011.

Featuring lusher anime elements, more fabulous graphics and cooler in-game systems, Pockie Ninja II Original is set to wow anime fans and gamers alike when the game launches its openbeta this July.

Engine Upgraded & Graphics Perfected

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

Pockie Ninja's graphics are highly coveted by players and online game admirers, winning the BBG Site "Best Graphics" award for 2011.

Pockie Ninja II Original upgrades this graphics engine to version 2.0, providing even more impressive, technically excellent vision and sound design. Characters are much more vivid in both expression and action, while the already stunning skill displays and special effects will be taken to whole new levels of visual engagement.

Safeguarding Player Interests

NGames isextremely proud of their community support efforts and has carried many player suggestions from Pockie Ninja over to Pockie Ninja II Original.

Despite their small stature, the little Pockie Ninja voices have been heard and their advice very much heeded, making Pockie Ninja II Original their fairest, most complete game yet.

Clan Inheritance of Bloodline Limit

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

Uchiha Clan's Sharingan, Hyuga Clan's white eye, Akimichi Clan's Multi-Size Technique….. All Bloodline Limits in the famous Naruto series have a rigid family inheritance system, which will show in the new clan system of Pockie Ninja II Original.

This is no ordinary clan system. Players will have the chance to feel closer to their favorite anime than ever before as they play to create such famous clans as Senju, Uchiha and Sarutobi.

Zanpakutō Debuts

Every soul reaper has a weapon called Zanpakutō, which they acquire at birth. In Pockie Ninja II Original, all players can also enjoy the "benefit" of Zanpakutō, which will always come along with players and aid in their quests. With this sword, all enemies will be crushed!

Free Game Mode

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

There are so many restrictions in the traditional game--- Have you ever been tired with endless quests? Have you ever running everywhere for the exclusive materials? Have you ever exploited by greedy NPC?..... No more this! Pockie Ninja II Original will create a much highly free game world than ever. It's your call!

Ever get tired of endless, repetitive quests? Sick of having to run everywhere for exclusive, rare materials in order to complete a mission? Hate those greedy NPC's who seem to be out to exploit you?

Leave it all behind with Pockie Ninja II Original's highly free game world. The shackles are off for the ninjas of this new world – whatever you want to do, it's your call.

With a highly free and comprehensive system, players can have fun in various ways. Those who dislike competing level upgrade and gears can enjoy a leisurely life instead, such as being genius millionaires, walking travelers, or dedicated farmers. A myriad of options await.

The Fourth Shinobi War Breaks Out! Akatsuki VS Kabuto

Pockie Ninja II Original Artwork

Pockie Ninja II Original will heavily feature the fan favorite Fourth Shinobi War, launched by "Mask Man" Tobi in the Naruto anime series.

The new battle system lets players decide which side of war they want to join - affiliate with the militant Akatsuki, or the peace-keeping ninja alliance. The choice, and ultimate fate of the new ninja world, is entirely up to the player.

Pockie Ninja II Original is coming! NGames will release more details soon.Stay tuned!



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