PlayOMG Announces its New Game Shepherd Ville

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Shepherd Ville in English version has been announced as PlayOMG's Social Network Game on facebook. The game won "Female's Favorite – NO. 1" award on Yahoo Japan. According to the Japanese game developer, this game has a wide popularity in Japan for more than millions of players have enjoyed the game already. Now, the players all over the world can enjoy this carefree shepherd life together.

Shepherd Ville features different elements including harvest crops, raise livestock, market trade, visit friends, vermin's attack, seasons change, weather variation and much more. Every day is going to be the happiest day!

Shepherd Ville Logo
▲Shepherd Villehas been announced as PlayOMG's SNS game on facebook.

Farm's life – Self Sufficiency

In Shepherd Ville, the game employs all kinds of crop and livestock for players to raise. Other than purchasing from the market, you will be able to gain adorable and useful items from the limited period quests. Given a considerate gaming experience, players can decorate freely and create a unique personal farm through different animals, crops and items received as the character level goes higher. Moreover, harvested crops and fully grown livestock can be sold to the market for game coins and experience.

Shepherd Ville Screenshot
▲Enjoy the excitement of hunting and chasing vermin

Hunting System – Chasing Vermin

The hunting system allows players to join force with their friends to hunt vermin and enjoy the excitement. The hunting dogs that you raised not only can protect the farm, but also to increase the farm's attack power. Decorations work as an ornament to decorate and raise the defense power of the farm.

Four Seasons and Weather System

Shepherd Ville incorporates real life situations, there are four seasons change of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Sometimes storm, heavy rain or blizzard will happen too. But under the care of players, crops and livestock will grow stronger and bigger. The livestock will grow up to be either male or female; they will produce offspring and grow old as well. The crops are not only about seeding, but also about taking a good care or they will be eaten by vermin or livestock.

Shepherd Ville Artwork
▲Lots of villagers await for you to meet inShepherd Ville

There are lots of villagers await for you to meet inShepherd Ville, you can bring gifts to visit your friend's farm and experience the fabulous farm life! The release date ofShepherd VilleEnglish version will be announced soon!

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