Shepherd Ville English Version OB with 3 Celebration Events

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PlayOMG's Shepherd Ville English version is scheduled for official beta at 8:00 PM, June 12th (PST). To celebrate the release of Shepherd Ville, there will be a series of exciting events including "The Symphony of Corn & Chicken", "Collect Honey" and more. Want to experience the exquisite Japanese style farm life? Just login through facebook to play now! Given a considerate gaming experience, players are able to enjoy the charm and build a unique fantasy farm life.

Shepherd Ville Artwork
Shepherd Ville English version official beta at 8:00 PM, June 17th (PST)

Celebration events, useful items giveaway!

  1. Gift from The Management Team:Put the gift sent by the management team on the farm and advance to the next day for it to become a "Farm life boost pack". It contains energy refill items of farm lunch box and farm rice balls, and increase move speed item of dash boots.
  2. The Symphony of Corn & Chicken:Accept the quest for "The symphony of corn & chicken" to receive a pot. Place it in the farm for a couple of days and corn seeds will appear. Grow the seeds and harvest the corn to feed it to the chicken. Items such as English style arch, card soldiers, bunny, male basset, white wooden fence and many more are waiting for you to collect.
  3. Visitor's Quest – Collect Honey:Accept the quest for "Collect honey" to receive a honeybee box. The bees will fly across the farm to collect dandelion honey and rape flower honey. Complete the quest to receive mysterious seeds!

Shepherd Ville Screenshot
Shepherd Ville English version official beta at 8:00 PM, June 17th (PST)

Not only that Shepherd Ville have won " NO. 1" award on Yahoo Japan but also the favorite pick among female friends. It's a leisure game you shouldn't miss, come and live on a relaxing farm life with your friends! Every day is going to be the happiest day!

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