Tamer Saga Welcomes Open Beta and New Server

Date: May 29 2012 02:47:30 Source: Press Release Views:
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Tamer Saga is a browser based anime-style RPG released by PopPace. After its Alpha Test and Closed Beta, it has already attracted legions of fans across the globe. Here, PopPace team was very glad to announce that they will be starting Open Beta at 6:00pm on May 29th GMT-8. Meanwhile, a new server will be opened to welcome more fans. Invite your friends now to join the new chapters of Tamer Saga and enjoy the fun brought by the most romantic, charming and thrilling gameplay.

Tamer Saga

To celebrate the release of Open Beta and the new server, PopPace team will be also holding a series of events to help players level up as fast as a rocket and enjoy the game better. More details are as follows.

Event 1: Limited Free Gift Codes

PopPace team will give away a limited amount of gift codes which can be used to claim [Small HP Orb]*10, [Double Exp Scroll]*10, [Full Repair]*10, [Teleport Scroll]*10, [3-hour Summon]*1 and [Daily Quest Scroll]*1. Don't miss out.

Event 2: Gifts for Guilds

Tamer Saga features a powerful guild system to boost up players' interaction. PopPace team will be giving away gifts to every guild which has 10 members or more. Each eligible guild will be able to claim different shares of gifts depending on their guild's level. Each share includes [Great Crystal Pack]*5, [Pet Slot Scroll]*5, [Soul Summon]*5 and [Pet Potion Pack]*1.

Event 3: Rewards for First Voucher Purchase

Purchasing Vouchers for the first time during the event earns players a certain amount of Vouchers as their reward depending on the amount of Vouchers they purchase.

Event 4: Newbie Packs for All Fans

Work hard to level up and use Newbie Packs to get a lot of awesome stuffs.

Event 5: Stay Online and Win

Simply stay online to win easy rewards.

Event 6: Login and Win

Players can simply log into the game to win easy rewards. If they enter game for more straight days, they will win more. Once they've entered game for 7 straight days, they will win the same rewards (for 7-straight-day login) each day later if they keep entering game every day. However, if they forget to log in on any day, the recycle will restart.

Event 7: Top the Boards to Win

Be one of the top 10 players on the in-game charts when the event comes to an end to win something really good.

Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit for more Tamer Saga news and updates.



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