SteelWar Online: New Version Brings New ACE Pilots

Date: May 24 2012 02:16:10 Source: Press Release Views:
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PopPace team was very glad to announce that they will release a new version for SteelWar Online soon. New ACE pilot is one of the most important factors of the new version. Compared with ordinary pilots, ACE pilots after being enhanced possess more powerful battle ability. When player enjoy the thrilling battles brought by those ACE pilots, have they ever thought about the history behind those pilots? That's what PopPace team would like to share with all fans today.

After the release of Howling Cyro Amada, Truth Hyosuke Nanbu will be the next ACE pilot who will become available at the same time with the new version of SteelWar Online. Hyosuke Nanbu looks like very calm, short-spoken, tough and intelligent. He loves playing poker and never loses a game. He is riding on Alteisen Riese which is also called as MK III.

In order to let one of attributes plays its role at the outside, MK III is unilaterally enhanced on its armor and melee attack power. That's why it seems like a little weak on long-distance battle. The design makes it become very difficult to be operated because of the unbalance of its weight distribution and equipment distribution. MK III is so special that only Hyosuke Nanbu can drive it.

Hyosuke Nanbu is good at driving and melee attacking. The perfect combination of Nanbu's characteristics and MK III's weight brings many hotheaded tactics. Hyosuke Nanbu is also one of 4 available pilots for newbie players and has been very popular with them now. His skill Hot Blood can cause high damage and defeat a rival in a flash.

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