Pockie Ninja Spanish Open Beta Launches Today

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Anime inspired browser-based brawler open for all Spanish speaking players

The dedicated Spanish version of popular Naruto and Bleach inspired MMO, Pockie Ninja, is launching its open beta today, May 24th. To celebrate, publisher NGames have laid out a slew of limited time offers and in-game events.

After 10 days of successful closed beta, Spanish speaking ninjas of all ages finally have a new dojo!

Pockie Ninja Spanish is launching its open beta phase today, allowing all interested players to get a piece of the Naruto and Bleach inspired action.

Since launching in early 2011 to English and Chinese speaking audiences, Pockie Ninja has rapidly grown into one of the biggest, most recognisable MMO games available today. An impressive 11 million+ fledgling ninjas are already registered to the game, with over 1 million daily active players and over 10 million active players logging in every month. Pockie Ninja players have so far toppled more than 97 billion monsters, racked up 700 billion generic map monsters kills, and have earned more than 2 trillion stones between them.

Easy Tasks, Great Prizes!

To celebrate the open beta test, NGames are giving away tons of free gifts to players for simply logging in and staying online to play the game. Players who login to enjoy Pockie Ninja every day will have a slew of free items waiting for them. There are more gifts to be claimed for staying online and playing the game too. Staying online for 10 , 30, 60 or 120 minutes in a single session will be rewarded with 20, 23, 35 or 50 gift coupons respectively. Gift coupons can be redeemed for further items and gifts.

Players will also be rewarded for levelling their characters. Every 10 levels, NGames will release gift packs packed with gift coupons and desirable in-game items to help ninjas further their quest for glory.

Las Noches is a tough challenge that will test the steel of any ninja. A towering block of enemies featuring 100 floors of increasingly tough opponents, any ninja who comes out of Las Noches alive is worthy of a true ninja's reward. Try reaching the 50th and 100th floor of Las Noches to see what kind of reward NGames have in store!

There are even prizes on offer for getting involved with the Pockie Ninja community. NGames will be regularly players who post their Pockie Ninja related articles in the forum, with the best articles receiving anywhere between 200-500 gift coupons.

Newbie Card

NGames are gifting all new players with a free Newbie gift card packed with gifts and benefits to get newbies started. The Newbie Card is redeemable by logging into the official Pockie Ninja Spanish website and clicking "Claim Giftbox".

Top Up Rewards

Although Pockie Ninja is free-to-play forever for everybody, the in-game cash shop is bursting with items to Ninjas progress quicker and become more powerful.

The Open Beta is launching with a series of special offers to help players get the most for their money. Players spending money for the first time will receive a Premium Gift Pack that contains Pet Eggs, Special Training Stamps, 7 day VIP status, faster EXP levelling and more. As a further reward, those who top up regularly and spend between $25 - $250 from now until June 1st will unlock superb gift packs containing many useful items.

Pockie Ninja Spanish launches its open beta phase today, May 24th. Interested players can register at the official website now:

Remember to follow Pockie Ninja on Twitter and Facebook for more information:


Pockie Ninja Spanish

Pockie Ninja Spanish focuses on the unique life and journey of a ninja, entrusted with defeating the world's most evil and destructive warrior corporations.

Deep in the thorn forest behind the mist of Angel City lays Demon City, a heavily guarded waste land once known for housing the world's most evil warriors. 300 years ago, the evil warriors formed a formidable army - led by the wickedest Demon to ever roam the world - attacking affluent villages in a bid to control the world.

Eventually defeated by Master of the Ninja, the supreme leader of Angel City, the evil warriors, along with their mystic Ninjitsu and a secret plot, were buried, sealed and thought never to return...

..until now. Restless souls in Demon City have awakened and broken free of the seal, escaping the guarded city.

As the last hope of the world and the 'chosen one', the player needs to embrace the ways of the ninja, protect Angel City and restore the natural balance of order, utilizing extraordinary ninja skills along the way.



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