Ikariam: Update Brings a Fresh Look to the Digital Ancient World

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New version re-energizes the popular browser strategy game with a brand-new layout, new features and improved ease of use

Karlsruhe - May 24, 2012 - Gameforge, Europe's leading provider of online games has breathed new life into the popular browser game Ikariam. Thanks to launch of update 0.5.0, veteran and future Ikariam players can look forward to enjoying charming and detailed graphics, a brand-new and clearly laid out menu design as well as new game features.

n the browser game Ikariam, the player colonises a fantasy-filled ancient island, establishes a flourishing community, increases riches and resources and cooperates or fights with their neighbours. After an intensive testing phase, update 0.5.0, which provides an all-round improvement to the Ikariam gaming experience, has now gone online. Gameforge's developers have completely revised the layout: the game interface now uses the entire browser window, allowing a broad overview of carefully sculpted buildings, lush nature and a number of new, carefully crafted animations.

In addition, various designs and menus, for example the research advisor, the help area and the navigation elements on the world map have been revised, which benefit the clarity and game comfort. Each town has two new building slots and the handling of military and occupied towns has been refined.

About Ikariam

Ikariam is a browser-based strategy game, that whisks players from all over the world into an antique island setting and is completely free of charge. In an era of emerging advanced civilizations, ground-breaking discoveries and destructive battles, the player leads their civilisation to honour and glory. With a comprehensive overview, great tactics and by cooperating with thousands of other players, a huge online world can be explored and seized. Ikariam has been fascinating players from around the globe since early 2008 and so far 60 million players have registered for the game.

For more information about Ikariam and to register, simply visit the official page:



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