Tamer Saga: Join Boss Arena to Win Exp and Gold

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In the fantastic world of Tamer Saga, it is very common to come across a monster which has lovely shape but magic power at any time. The game offers all players the chance to challenge those horrible monsters at one time and prepare for facing the final BOSS Dragon of Shadow. Every qualified player is able to join Boss Arena where their amazing achievement will be recorded into the history of Tamer Saga. Here, PopPace team was willing to reveal more details about this thrilling Boss Arena.

Tamer Saga

The Boss Arena is the place where players can practice and enhance their ability for the final battle. After players reach level 43, they will be able to join Boss Arena and start to challenge those fearsome, powerful monsters. The arena is available once each day. Players can revive once if they are defeated. Of course, they can consume Crystals to restart the challenge that day.

Tamer Saga

Once player enter the Boss Arena, they have to challenge those monsters one by one in order. Each time they defeat one of them, they will obtain tons of Exp and Gold. Each round requires players to defeat 6 monsters. If they succeed, they will obtain extra items and even equipment as rewards. Meanwhile, the top ten players who defeat the most monsters will seize a place on the ranking.

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