Do You Approve of Same-Sex Themes in Game?

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I don't know how many people approve of same-sex love in real world. But according to a new survey of IGN readers, seven out of ten gamers are comfortable with same-sex relationships in games.

Do You Approve of Same-Sex Themes in Game?

When asked if the controversial theme of same-sex relationships has a place in games, 69% of respondents to a recent IGN survey said either 'absolutely' or 'why not', only 9% said that same-sex relationships should "never" be in games.

Age and geography are big factors with this issue. 19% of people over 65 said 'never'; against 6% of 21-34s. Only 2% of Swedes are dead against same-sex relationships in games, against 10% in the U.S. 29% of people living in the Philippines and 37% of respondents from Indonesia said "never" while European countries polled at around 5%.

Do You Approve of Same-Sex Themes in Game?

Nowadays, more and more game developers are willing to feature same-sex relationships within games, usually as a personal player- option in role-playing titles. Recent games featuring same-sex relationships have faced controversy, including BioWare's Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

It worth mentioning that to those male gamers, they can hardly approve to gays in game, but not so disgusted with lesbian. And to those female gamers, it seems they approve of both gay and lesbian.

As for you, are you willing to see same-sex themes in games?



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