BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: May.14 to May. 20

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Today when I was on the bus, a young man sitting beside me kept crying sadly. All the people on this bus were looking at him curiously, then I turned to him and asked: "Is it because it's Monday today?" After I said this, he cried more sadly. Not only him, but also all the people on the bus started crying...

Just a joke. But it's true that it's Monday today. A mountain of work is waiting for us. Before doing your work, just let's take a rest and look back on all the new/funny things during last week. Do you still remember all the interesting news during last week? It doesn't matter if you forgot some of them, just follow me and check this BBG weekly wrap-up!

Those Funny Game-related Inventions

At first, let's have a look at some funny inventions. The gamers are never lack of creativity, that's why so many interesting inventions came to our eyes nowadays. Last week we have picked some funny game-related inventions to you all. Below is one of the inventions. Can you image that it's a washing machine?

Washing machine

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