Tamer Saga Reveals Detailed Mining System

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As rare material in Tamer Saga, Crystal plays a very important role which can help players level up as fast as a rocket and enhance their equipment. The development team behind Tamer Saga offers players many methods to gain crystals. Generally speaking, sending pets to mine crystals from crystal deposits is the most familiar one. However, players should occupy a crystal deposit first before they can mine crystals. That's what PopPace team was willing to share more details with their fans today.

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There are 14 crystal deposits in Tamer Saga. The foothold of Federation is Yeti Cavern, while Empire's is Rainy Plain. All qualified players are able to participate in resource deposit battle. They can only attack nearby crystal deposits which have a blue or red arrow above. Each crystal deposit is guarded by a powerful monster, which may be one of Legendary Minotaur, Ancient Behemoth Raz, Death Thanatos or others. Restricted by their Rank, players have limited times to join the resource deposit battle each day. Each time they attack a deposit guardian, they will obtain certain Prestige and Gold. If they can defeat one of those guardians, they will obtain extra 100000 Gold and their achievement will be announced to all players in the same server.

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After a crystal deposit is occupied, players from the same faction are able to send their pets to mine crystals. The crystal output is decided by different crystal deposits, participating pets' level and the level of Resource Economics in players' guild. Meanwhile, the more pets mining in the same deposit, the higher defense the target deposit possesses. In order to defend your faction's crystal deposits, remember to send higher level pets to mine crystals. All mining pets from your faction on the deposits you fail to defend will be kicked out without taking away any crystal.

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