SteelWar Online Introduces Wakened Pioneers

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Last week, PopPace team already shared details of Meteor Battle with all robot fans. Here, the development team behind SteelWar Online was willing to talk more about Wakened Pioneers and help players know the game better.

The first free-to-play robot-themed SLG SteelWar Online created a thrilling game world for all strategy fans in which they are able to write down totally different legend. In SteelWar Online, players can recruit robots to fight for them, select a faction to devote themselves to their faith, and experience various funny game modes. Players are able to enjoy the game to their hearts? content, no matter on gameplay or game details.

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Year 2307 of west calendar, due to the depletion of fossil fuels, humans began to search for new energy. They created a huge solar power system which was formed of three gigantic railway elevator shafts in the universe. However, only powerful countries and their allies are able to share this new energy.

Year 2314 of west calendar, a 130-year-old inactive Jupiter exploration ship came close to the Earth. An unknown planet called ELS was forced to search for another new foothold because its parent planet was absorbed by a star. ELS was interested in humans? brain quantum wave. It attempted to combine with humans and possessed their thoughts, so that it could understand humans.

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Countries which shared new energy included the Union led by United States, the Human Renovation Alliance led by China, Russia and India, and the Euro-centric AEU. For the sake of their prestige and prosperity, they never stop wars, even in 24th century.

A private armed group which believed ?Force will end wars? appeared in this turbulent world. They started to involve in the wars of humans?

Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit to enjoy the fun of exploring the universe and creating the galactic empire.



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