Khan Wars Upgrades to Version 4.5

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Online game publisher XS Software is upgrading their free-to-play strategy game Khan Wars to version 4.5. This is a major upgrade which made the game into a whole new version, and brings some significant changes to gameplay. The developers have released all the details of this new version. Let's take a glance at it.

1. Added a new race to the game – Persians

Persians have been added to the game as a new race. With this change, some game's races have also been changed.

2. Leadership nation skill changes

The Leadership nation skill is now applied in the beginning of every round, instead of once before the start of the battle, greatly increasing the chance for units to flee and the amount of fled ones.

How Leadership works – the difference between two player's leadership percentages is divided by 5. Between 50% and 100% of the result represents the percent of army that will flee every round. Fleeing population's unit type is random.

3. 12 Knight abilities added

With every prestige level gained Knights get 1 ability point, every fifth level they get 2 points and every third level knights gain 3 ability points.

These points can be used to raise knight abilities by up to 40 levels.

Each Knight class can use 3 new abilities at their disposal.

4. Knight missions

Knight missions now grant account experience equal to the sum of resources spent in addition to knight prestige and item drop chance.

Example: Knight Mission requires 1000 gold, 1000 iron, 1000 wood and 1000 food. When the mission is finished the player will receive 4000 experience towards his account experience in addition to 400 prestige and a chance to find a useful item.

5. Spying changes

When a spying march reaches its destination a battle is carried out that only quickwakers can defend against. No battle report will be generated - a spying message will be received by both sides instead. In case the defender does not have quickwalkers, he will not receive a report.

6.Hall of Fame

Players that won experience ranking ladder will have a special insignia on their player information page and in front of their names in the rankings page of the game.

Players that won clan ranking ladder will have a special insignia on their player information page and in front of their names in the rankings page of the game.



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