Pockie Ninja Spanish PvE and Closed Beta Details Revealed

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Mark your ninja diaries - publisher NGames have announced May 14th, 9pm (CDT) as the closed beta date and time for the Spanish version of anime-inspired MMO, Pockie Ninja.

During the closed beta, players will be able to get their hands on an exclusive premium gift box full of amazing items, including weapons, clothing and gift coupons.

Players can receive their reward every 10 levels, from 10 to 50. The higher the level, the greater the reward.

As well as premium items, beta players will be treated to free gold 800 for the first time they log in and 300 for every subsequent day after.

See the trailer

The exciting Pockie Ninja Spanish launch trailer can be viewed here:

Popular PvE Features

To celebrate the close beta announcement, NGames have revealed that Pockie Ninja Spanish will pack all of the great PvE features that made Pockie Ninja one of the most successful browser-based game launches of 2011. Both the famous, heart-pounding challenges of Demon City and the co-operative battles of Valhalla await!

When a ninja reaches the required level they are able to venture into the treacherous Demon City to challenge the evil Arrancar army in Las Noches, a building boasting a massive 150 floors of monsters who get tougher the higher the players gets.

Brave ninjas who venture into Las Noches have the chance to earn a great amount of experience points, as well as other rewards such as powerful ninja tools and loot.

But ninjas must be wary, as monsters not only increase in difficulty as they progress, but they also have some special abilities of their own, such as the power to absorb health or a greater chance to dodge attacks. Every 10 levels the player will encounter a much feared Espada the top ranked members of the Arrancar army - who present a far higher challenge than ordinary monsters.

Along with Las Noches, players can venture into Valhalla, a sacred resting place for fallen heroes that is now crawling with evil creatures, making it a dangerous but exciting place for ninjas to gain experience.

Unlike Las Noches, players should not enter Valhalla alone they must rely on team cooperation to advance through the stages and defeat the final boss, taking advantage of each others strengths to overcome the odds and emerge victorious.

Instances in Pockie Ninja use an innovative difficulty system where the player can choose from an easy or hard setting. Easy gives more experience and allows lower level characters to level quickly, while hard caters for those who want to hunt down rare items by challenging more powerful foes.

Pockie Ninja (Spanish) is launching soon. The official website is

Pockie Ninja!

"Pockie Ninja" will focus on the unique life and journey of a ninja, entrusted with defeating the world's most evil and destructive warrior corporations.

Deep in the thorn forest behind the mist of Angel City lays Demon City, a heavily guarded waste land once known for housing the world's most evil warriors. 300 years ago, the evil warriors formed a formidable army - led by the wickedest Demon to ever roam the world - attacking affluent villages in a bid to control the world.

Eventually defeated by Master of the Ninja, the supreme leader of Angel City, the evil warriors, along with their mystic Ninjitsu and a secret plot, were buried, sealed and thought never to return... ..until now. Restless souls in Demon City have awakened and broken free of the seal, escaping the guarded city.

By using forbidden ninjutsu on innocent animals, turning them into puppet warriors, the evils plan to invade Angel City, release their leader and rule the world again. The abuse of forbidden ninjutsu has caused rapid environment deterioration, washing and rocking the land with tsunamis and earthquakes. As the last hope of the world and the 'chosen one', the player needs to embrace the ways of the ninja, protect Angel City and restore the natural balance of order, utilizing extraordinary ninja skills along the way.

Remember to follow Pockie Ninja on Twitter and Facebook for more information. Website:



About NGames:

NGames Limited specialize in the development, operation, and promotion of online games.

Thanks to a research & development operation focused on creating and launching original content, years of online experience, and an array of stunning titles, NGames are firmly established as one of the most recognised publishers operating today.

The anime-inspired "Pockie Ninja" is available under their Game 321 brand, adding to an impressive catalogue of games that contains DDTank, Anime Trumps, Immortal King, and Navy Force. Two new games, the Naruto-inspired Pockie Ninja II Social, and Pockie Ninja Spanish, are set to be released soon.

Ngames are leveraging the power of their established Game 321 brand, building a large-scale integrated entertainment platform with the ultimate goal of providing users with premium online gaming content, visually stunning animation, as well as a social networking service.

Game 321 operates under a one-account-for-all-games system, meaning any user who signs up for a free account can experience all of the action without the need to constantly re-register their details.



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