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Wondershare Game officially launches Lost of Legend, the newest browser MMORPG coming to appeal gamers with its full manual control ability, in-depth skill system, mounts and wings. Since the beta test server made debut in April, LoL has already won gamers' attention. Now the wait is over, the first formal server Smolderia will be available at 10:00 am on May 11, 2012 PDT.

Lost of Legend

Full Manual Control

Lost of Legend features a fantasy world ravaged by evil beings, where players take up the role of heroes to save it from destruction. It is a game for hardcore players, challenging full manual control ability that reminds of the Diablo. Aside from that, LoL has a Battlefield system inspired by the wildly popular Warcraft 3 map Defense of the Ancients.

Three Traditional Classes

In Lost of Legend, players choose from 3 traditional classes including Warrior, Mage and Priest and develop characters alongside specific skill trees. In fact, players can try out all three classes, for they are allowed to create three characters for free with one account. Learn all the magic of your class and get ready to take down all your enemies. To that end, you have to master the control as soon as possible and make the best use of your skill pool.

  • Warriors are rulers of close combat, capable of killing a ranged class in one shot.
  • Mages are highly skilled at fancy magic, target at the weakness of enemies and are able to deal continual magic damage on massive enemies.
  • Priests are summoners, healers, magic attackers and poisoners, born with powerful resistance to magic and excel in skill sets.

Eight Magic Trees

With up to 8 sets of magic available, players need to learn their character classes and corresponding magic well, so that they can create a variety of skill combos, making critical strike against rivals to win a battle.

Exclusive Mounts and Wings

On top of the magic, mounts and wings are also striking features of Lost of Legend which provides players more than just good looks. Mounts and Wings have their skill sets too and their attribute is transferrable to their master.

Lost of Legend


  • Inspired by DotA and Diablo
  • Challenging Manual Control Ability
  • 3 Classes and 8 Magic Trees Options
  • Exclusive Mounts and Wings
  • No Download and Free-to-Play!

More Details on LoL Official Website:

About Wondershare Game

Named to Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific in 2009 and 2010, WSGame is a Chinese game agency and operator growing at an amazing speed. With professional service and outstanding operation, they are committed to promoting first-class Chinese games to the world and the captivation of Made-in-China is what they would like to share. Currently WSGame has operated Call of Gods, Soul of Guardian and other popular browser games and has branch offices built up by dedicated teams of game pros in North America, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. For more information about Wondershare Game, please visit:



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