Crystal Saga New Server Arriving Soon!!

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May 14, 2012 -- JoyoPark Games opens up the 6th server of Crystal Saga, Blood Pact, to start May with some new activities. It's time to join in this PVP server to start another adventure in the mystical world of Vidalia.

A wide range of special abilities in multiple classes and its extensive PVP modes will bring the game's thrilling combat to life. You could unlock your soul, earn the special aura or equip with fantastic wings to fight for honor!

New updates and activities have been added and can be seen here:

Carnations Blossom: Receive a Carnation Seed from the Quartermaster in Starglade. Plant the seed in the Event Zone which located in Bloodfang Village and wait for the carnation blossoms. Harvest them to get big surprise!

Insignia of Carnation: Kill the elite monsters and loot the Carnations to exchange them for a permanent Insignia of Carnation!

Handmade Gift: Help the Quartermaster collect materials in making a handmade gift for Mother's Day!

Angry Turkey: Turkeys are planning an invasion of Starglade - They're tired of our mothers turning them into Thanksgiving dishes!

Summer Clothing: Don't miss out on this offer and try the new fashion trend this summer!

Tamalan Arena: Once you are ready for battle, enter the arena and fight for honor!

All the users from Facebook/Twitter/Google/AIM/MSN/Skype just change your status to join "Spread the Good Word" and get your exciting bonus!

The dangerous monsters, treacherous dungeons are waiting for you. For more information, check out the officialCrystal Saga Facebook Page . As always, we launch a bunch of new event promotions to go along with this new server opening. Visit for further details.

Can you make it out alive? Time waits for no one, for your hesitation someone else may have already drawn the first blood!



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