SteelWar Online Brings Detailed Meteor Battle

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The first free-to-play robot-themed SLG SteelWar Online created a thrilling game world for all strategy fans in which they are able to write down totally different legend. In SteelWar Online, players can recruit robots to fight for them, select a faction to devote themselves to their faith, and experience various funny game modes. Players are able to enjoy the game to their hearts' content, no matter on gameplay or game details.

Year 195 after colony, Union's monitoring satellite station discovered five remains without any mark, which were considered as the "remains of fallen satellites" later. An attacking transporter from SMS army of Union even came across enemies around peripheral atmosphere.

SteelWar Online Screenshot

The history of wars never ends, just like what human beings did thousands of years ago. The universal colonies have been created for more than one century. Countries on the Earth formed a Union and suppressed other countries and colonies which refused to join the Union by force. As to colonies, they never stopped to fight for their freedom and independence.

SteelWar Online Screenshot

People are badly punished by the burning flame of wars. To defend the common home, please recruit the best robots and man the stations now. A vast universe of fantasy, endless coolness and darkness, tons of mystic stuff'SteelWar Online offers you a chance to become the galactic emperor!

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