Tamer Saga Unveils 6 Guild Eudemons

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Released by PopPace, Tamer Saga is a browser based anime-style RPG, which is proud of its cute graphics and abundant interesting features. Players in Tamer Saga are able to join a guild from which they can make friends and interact with others. In addition to the basic social functions, the guild system in Tamer Saga also offers players the chance to summon distinct guild eudemons which can help them much in battles.

All 6 guild eudemons in Tamer Saga will be divided into two parties according to the two factions, Federation and Empire. Guilds from Empire are able to select one from Golden Fairy, Wraith King and Chilling Dragon while guilds from Federation can select one from Phoenix, Crow Lord and Purple Dragon. When players create a guild, they can select a suitable guild eudemon to protect their guilds.

Tamer Saga Artwork

A powerful guild eudemon can lend players a hand when players come across troublesome monsters. Players just need to consume certain Contribution Points and then they are able to summon a eudemon which has ancient mysterious power as their battle company. Different eudemons possess distinct attributes and even shapes. However, since Tamer Saga is still under the closed beta, players can only summon level 1 guild eudemons. They will be able to enhance their guild Eudemons in the future game versions.

Tamer Saga Artwork

Besides from summoning guild eudemons, the guild system in Tamer Saga also offers players a farm where players can raise their pets and mounts faster. In the days ahead, PopPace team will reveal more game content to all players, so stay tuned.

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