How do You Think about One Piece Joining in Pockie Ninja?

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KeyWord: Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja Chapter 9, One Piece, Battle! Impel Down!, Anime

Nowadays, anime-themed webgame is quite popular in the game market. Among those games, Pockie Ninja, which combines the currently-popular Japanese animes  Naruto and Bleach, is indeed a blockbuster out of a bunch of browser-based games.

Moreover, recently, Ngames has announced the chapter 9 update for Pockie Ninja, which is named Battle! Impel Down! From the name, we can see it must have something to do with One Piece.

Pockie Ninja

Yes, it seems the developer of Pockie Ninja is trying to make this game a "Anime characters fighting chaos". But, is it good for the game?

Any way, the name of the game is Pockie Ninja, does the pirates have anything to do with ninjas? Some players think this action is just for attracting those One Piece fans and make more money. However, there are also lots of players think it's a good idea to make the game better.

So, how do you think about it?

How do you think about One Piece joining in Pockie Ninja?



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