SteelWar Online Introduces Geon, One of Three Factions

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SteelWar Online is the first free-to-play robot-themed SLG, which creates a vast universe of robots for all strategy fans. Today, PopPace team was willing to share more game content and introduce Geon, one of three in-game factions to all players.

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In SteelWar Online, Geon is the God of all universal migrants. They make unremitting efforts to create a new world in the universe. In year 58 U.C, Zim Dekins released the Declaration of Independence and created Geon Republic. In year 68 U.C, Zim Dekins was killed and the Prime Minister Kim Sordo Dhabi became the new emperor. He changed the country's name to Geon Kingdom.

At that time, Earth Union crazily suppressed colonies and squeezed their materials. As the strongest country among all colonies, Geon Kingdom also controlled advanced technology than Earth Union. Scholar Minovsky from SIDE 3 invented MS robots which became overwhelming later. In year 79 U.C, Geon Kingdom disagreed with Earth Union's high pressure policy and declared a war to Union.

SteelWar Online Screenshot

At the beginning of the war, Geon Kingdom's MS robots gave a heavy blow to Earth Union's universal fleets. Geon Kingdom was the first country who used MS robots. Those robots were stronger than the ones imitated by Earth Union. After that, engineers from Geon Kingdom enhanced MS robots and invented more powerful MA robots. One single MA robot was able to defeat a whole team of MS robots.

The hero Shaya from Geon Kingdom has legions of fans. The spirit of "Never Give up" is another reason why players choose Geon in game. Players won't be able to change their faction after they choose one. Different factions possess distinct features. No matter which faction you choose, please stick to your faith and principles.

Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit to enjoy the fun of exploring the universe and creating the galactic empire.



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