Pockie Ninja: Chapter 9 Update Coming April 26th

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Brand new update to bring new dungeons, bloodline limits and free gifts to Pockie Ninja players.

Publisher NGames have announced a brand new update for their Naruto and Bleach inspired browser-based game, Pockie Ninja. Launching April 26th, 7:00am (CDT) Chapter 9: Battle! Impel Down! is set to bring a host of new content to the popular MMORPG.

New Bloodlines

The Chapter 9 update introduces an all-new Bloodline Limit for level 91+ players. Applied to the level 91 Konoha Village map, the Dark Gold Bloodline Limit allows players to unlock a variety of new techniques, from increased blocking and judgement skills, to commanding the ten puppets and even increasing their max HP by 15% with the new Mayfly bloodline.

The new bloodline limit also comes with it's own Dark Gold Collection, which ninjas can discover at the official Tsundae's Pub, Battle against Tailed Beasts, and War of Ninja events.

Pockie Ninja: Chapter 9

More Skills = More Power!

From April 25th, ninja's will be able to benefit from 4 additional Skill Slots, which can be unlocked by collecting multiple entries from the new Kakashi's Notebook. Each new skill slot is only valid for a set number of days when unlocked separately. However, players who unlock another additional skill slot within the time limit will be able to benefit from the extra inventory permanently – forever impacting the release and effect of powerful ninja skills.

Pockie Ninja: Chapter 9

Schooling the Ninja's

New Ninja Rank Promotion Exams will bring a whole new meaning to Pockie Ninja's "school of ninja" system when Chapter 9 launches. Players from Level 60+ can enter a dice rolling game to earn EXP and growing points for their ninjas. Earning and consuming growing points will promote players through 21 ninja ranks - from Elementary Student to Head of Five Kages – with each new rank boosting a character's maximum HP limits.

New Dungeons

A massive new Underwater Prison Impel Down dungeon promises test even the most adept of ninjas. The Underwater Prison is a solo dungeon featuring 4 floors, with 25 groups of monsters and powerful bosses to topple on each level.

To help, a new Zanpakuto system will let high level players collect and synthesize weapon components to create powerful load outs for battle.

Pockie Ninja: Chapter 9

Frequent Free Gifts Giveaways

NGames are introducing a host of ways for players to frequently earn free in-game rewards. A new ranking system will further increase Pockie Ninja's competitiveness and players on the rankings will be rewarded with items every day.

Players will now also be able to earn double rewards from the paid lucky draws held each day, and a new Reward Rampant Mode will be frequently triggered with lots of high value items up for grabs.

Chapter 9: Battle! Impel Down! Is coming to Pockie Ninja on April 26th.

You can sign up and play Pockie Ninja for free now:

You can also watch a teaser trailer for it below:

About Pockie Ninja:

Launching in early 2011, Pockie Ninja has amassed over 11 million registrations to date, and now has over 1 million daily active players and over 10 million active players per month. Pockie Ninja's players have so far toppled more than 97 billion monsters in the Valhalla zone, racked up 700 billion generic map monsters kills, and have earned more than 2 trillion stones between them.

An accumulative 4.2 million hours of Pockie Ninja is played every day in North America alone.

Anime fans and gamers alike have quickly made Pockie Ninja their new online home. Winner of multiple accoloades in the BBG Site "Browser Game of the Year" awards 2011, Pockie Ninja is a free-to-play browser-based brawler MMO incorporating some of the best known characters and special abilities from the infamous Bleach and Naruto series - including Naruto Uzumaki and his infamous Demon Fox form.

Pockie Ninja offers a deep item synthesising system, allowing any two items to be combined into often surprising results, and a robust choice of customisable outfits that each offer special abilities and stat boosts. Pockie Ninja also does away with the usually rigid class system found in modern day MMO's, instead allowing players to freely change their class and "school of ninja" whenever they choose, resulting in a truly unique experience for everyone. Remember to follow Pockie Ninja on Facebook and Twitter for more information.




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