Sword Girls: Babies Are Back! New Child Cards And A New Dungeon

Date: Apr 22 2012 07:29:36 Source: Press Release Views:
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Your favorite Sword Girls Characters are back - in Child form! 10 new highly anticipated Child Character cards have been added, including Child Vernika, Child Sigma, and Child Laevateinn! Child Character cards typically have a similar skill as the adult version, but with a twist. Check them out in the LAB today!

Sword Girls: Child Character cards

The Coin Swap also recently got new wares for sale: Coin Child and Steparu!

Sword Girls: Coin Child and Steparu

  • Coin Child has a very modest starting ATK of only 2, but what makes her really special is her skill: Before attacking, this little rascal will match her ATK with the defender's ATK!
  • The Steparu Spell card is very unique and throws a serious curveball at your opponent. Don't miss out on this exclusive card in the Coin Swap today!

Now that you're armed with powerful new cards, you're finally ready for your first Hard Dungeon! Come explore the new Shadowland Dungeon on April 26th! In this 40-floor Dungeon, you can't even trust your own Shadow. The infamous vampire Trickster Twins, Sion and Rion, reign over Shadowland! Can you make it through this mess of trick mirrors, traps, and doppelgangers?

Sword Girls is exploding with new cards and updates! Don't miss out on one second of the action!



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