SteelWar Online Releases Three New Maps

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SteelWar Online

Players from SteelWar Online are looking forward to new content after they reach relatively higher level in game. They have explored and completed many maps faster than SteelWar Online team imagined. Today, the development team behind SteelWar Online was very glad to announce that they have released three new maps for all robot fans. All players are welcome to challenge more difficult instances for amazing rewards and cooler equipment.

Each of these three new maps stands for one faction respectively. Only players who reach level 100 and complete “Wakened Pioneers” are able to challenge two maps of other factions. There are relative reputation pilots from the corresponding faction on each map. By defeating those pilots, players may obtain fantastic equipment looted and tons of rewards. The release of new maps implies new instances where there are more powerful Bosses. Welcome to experience totally different gameplay and enjoy the fun.

Map One: Earth Federation, the base camp of Union. Players from Geon and DC are able to challenge it.

Map Two: Geon Dukedom, the base camp of Geon. Players from Union and DC are able to challenge it.

Map Three: Saint Crusade, the base camp of DC. Players from Union and Geon are able to challenge it.

New mysterious maps, new challenges, new excellent equipment and more horrible bosses….All of them are waiting for real warriors. Let’s start off the journey now to enjoy the brand new exciting content.

Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit to enjoy the fun of exploring the universe and creating the galactic empire.



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