Tamer Saga Introduces Battle Formations

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Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is a browser based anime-style MMORPG brought by PopPace. Different from most of the traditional RPGs, Tamer Saga requires players to cudgel their brains for deploying suitable pets in battles. The development team behind Tamer Saga allows players to choose one from 5 available battle formations. Today, PopPace team was very glad to reveal more details about battle formations to all fans.

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Pets in Tamer Saga possess four attack modes, including attacking a single target, targets in a transverse row, targets in a lengthways row and all targets. Players can deploy up to four pets to join a battle at the same time. If a character stands in the same transverse row with his pet, both of them will suffer more damage when they are attacked by a spell dealt to attack targets in a transverse row. Therefore, players should choose different formations according to their opponents' spells.

Juggernaut Screenshot

Battle formations not only decide the standing position of characters and pets, but also inflict different combat effects. Detailed formation features and effects are as follows.

Cross Formation: Increases Attack and Defense. It helps focus on both attack and defense with the cooperation of high-speed pets.

Assault Formation: Increases Attack and Critical Strike Rate. Characters' attack power will be increased to the maximum by using the target formation.

Line Formation: Increases Defense and Basic Rage. It's suitable for pets with poorer defense and is the best choice for the teams that excel at attacking all enemies at the same time.

Oblique Formation: Increases Critical Strike Rate and Dodge Rate. It's beneficial for teams stressing on physical attacks.

Triangle Formation: Increases Critical Strike Rate and Attack Speed. It helps the team seize the best combat opportunity and defeat the opponents with the fastest speed.

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