Hero Building: Explore the ABYSS with Your Sharply Weapon on COG

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Call of Gods (YooGames)

Yoogames will release its 8th server "Abyss" of COG (Call of Gods) on PDT 7:00AM April 17th. Get ready to conquer the new land and enjoy the new adventure.

Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser game of MMORPG & SLG genre with a background story of wars among the Gods. In this game, players will play a warrior of human, elf or undead and develop their armies to fight against each others.

Let's check out how to create a superman on COG

Recruitment in Tavern

Select a high potential one (Potential is divided white-green-blue-purple-orange-red from low to high)

Call of Gods (YooGames) Screenshot

Equip them with the powerful equipments

The awesome suit will give your heroes more stats to strength them.

Call of Gods (YooGames) Screenshot

Be ready for dispatch! Arrange advanced soldiers to help them

How to choose the powerful units and formation with highest strength! It is the best time to prove your military talents!

Call of Gods (YooGames) Screenshot

Attack now!

Crush the ABYSS with your super heroes now!

Call of Gods (YooGames) Screenshot

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