Pockie Ninja: Ten-Tails Arrives!

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Forge of Empire


Players from all servers are welcome to join the top-up contest! During the event, top 5 players who charge the most gold on single server will receive grand prizes.


1. The 1st place will win: Uryū Ishid+31*1, Ten-tails+0*1 or any +27 Pet*1, Craftsman Talisman*8, Kakashi's Notebook*50

2. The 2nd place will win: Uryū Ishida+18*1, Any +27 Pet*1 except Ten Tails, Craftsman Talisman*5, Kakashi's Notebook*30

3. The 3rd place will win: Uryū Ishida+0*1, Any +27 Pet*1 except Ten Tails, Craftsman Talisman*3, Kakashi's Notebook*20

4. The 4th-5th place will win: Any 27 Pet*1 except Ten Tails and Chopper*1, Craftsman Talisman*3

Please Note:

1.To become eligible for the bonus rewards, the 1st place must top up at least 50,000 gold, the 2nd-3rd place must top up at least 30,000 gold and the 4th-5th place must top up at least 10,000 gold;

2.The ranking list will only record the amount of top-up made by one account on a single server;

3. All rewards will be sent within 7 working days after the event;

4.After the release of winner list, winners shall contact our live support team timely to confirm relevant player information;

5.Top-up ranking will be updated every 10 minutes.

6.The final interpretation right of this activity is reserved by Game321.



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