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Square Enix launched a browser game Crystal Conquest for Yahoo! Games last week. Today, 4Gamer realeased some higher resolution pics and gameplay details about Crystal Conquest.

Crystal Conquest Screenshot

Crystal Conquest Screenshot

Crystal Conquest Screenshot

Gameplay details:

Crystal Conquest is a side scrolling action game where you move your character between two planes of play.

All controls are handled with the mouse.

Each battle field is split into at least six areas. You're free to move between these.

A map in the upper right of the screen shows your allies and enemies.

The game has four classes: Warrior, Priest, Sorcerer and Scout.

Attractions on the battle field include your army's home base and a special "Home Point" fort where you return if defeated.

Facilities you and the enemy can place on the battle field include Arrow Tower, Crystals and Summon Facilities. You can destroy your opponent's facilities.

The rules of the game are simple: destroy your enemy's home base in a given time limit. After a certain amount of time, the game tallies enemies killed and damage done to the enemy base and determines the winner.

Your character's HP can be recovered by making contact with your home base or the home point forts along the map, as long as those facilities are not currently under attack. You can also have a priest in your party heal you.

Classic Square Enix summons will appear in the game. To cast a summon, you'll need a Summon Egg, which is shared between your team, and 100 "Shards." Summons in the beta version that 4Gamer played included Odin, Titan and Diablos.



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