My Favourite HTML5 Games - Season 1

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No matter for players or game developers, the development of HTML5 and Javascript games is great in these few years. With the increasing maturity of the browser platform, and integrate the technologies required for these games, the quantity of HTML5 games on app stores and social networks like Facebook is increasing every day, moreover, the scale of HTML5 games is beyond imagination. Some large game studios are beginning turn their attention to this field. So the development of HTML5 games will not stop, it will be more perfect in every aspect, such as graphic and audio. Players will have more fun in HTML5 games.

HTML5 and Javascript are the platform full of potential which is the most exciting point for players and developers. Of course, we can creat excellent 2D games with the canvas element, and 3D games with luxuriant visual based on WebGL. But the tachnologies absorb all my attention which are arriving soon. It is these simple technologies that will help demolish the idea that web games are basic things that you play embedded within another website. Instead, with the ability to connect gamepad controllers and allow HTML elements to run full screen, web games will become much more immersive experiences, much like on consoles and the desktop.

So with all that in mind and in no particular order, here are a selection of my favourite HTML5 games from the past few years. Enjoy!

By Rob Hawkes

1. Robots Are People Too

Robots Are People Too Screenshot

Unique gameplay always stands out amongst the plethora of clones and ports from existing and popular games. Robots Are People Too requires two players to cooperate to survive, helped by the innovative split-screen mechanic within the game. No doubt there’ll be more and more of these two-player cooperation games in the future. The game uses HTML5 canvas for the graphics.

2. The Convergence

The Convergence Screenshot

In a similar vein to Robots Are People Too, The Convergence is another game that requires lots of coordination. It’s a single-player game in which you control two characters at the same time, apart from they move in opposite directions. The idea is to move them around the game world and bring them together in a flurry of hearts and general love. The game uses HTML5 canvas for the graphics.



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