Crystal Saga: Are You Ready for the Easter Egg Hunt?

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Crystal Saga

Easter Day is coming! In Crystal Saga, there will be many surprises waiting for all the Vidalians during Easter! But right now we'll show you one of the mostt interesting activities – the Easter Egg Hunt!

Crystal Saga Screenshot

"I wonder where the treasure is. I know! I'll use my treasure map to find it!"

Crystal Saga Screenshot

"Wow! I'm very close now!"

Crystal Saga Screenshot

"Where is my treasure!? I'm so close that I can smell the treasure!"

Crystal Saga Screenshot

"Dig, dig, dig!!! I'm going to be rich!"

Crystal Saga Screenshot

"Wooow! It's very rare Rabbit-shaped chocolate! Just what I wanted, lucky me! I'm so excited to see what will I get if I use this magic item!"

Crystal Saga Screenshot

"Wooow! I get a mighty Dragon Sword that will last for 6 whole hours! Awesome! I'm going monster hunting right now!"

I'm a lucky adventurer! What about you guys? This is just one of many treasures we've prepared for you on Easter Day! You have to wait a little bit longer until you can find all of the treasures so let's look forward to the arrival of Easter Day in Crystal Saga, on April 5!



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