Tamer Saga Reveals Two In-game Screenshots

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Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is a browser based anime-style MMORPG brought by PopPace. The development team behind the game is hard at working every element to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. When they designed maps for gamers, the team's goal was to bring to life unforgettable locations that would properly introduce players to the wonders of Tamer Saga.

Embracing a terrific theme with hundreds of pets, Tamer Saga offers players the chance to tame and recruit 6 kinds of pets, including Humanoid, Animal, Elf, Demon, Dragon and BOSS on each map. Considering different pets' stats and attack modes, players should select suitable participating pets and battle formation to win the final victory. In addition to various pets, players will be able to explore a series of adorable dreamlike scenes as well.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

After one simple peek at these two of in-game screenshots revealed, there's no doubt that they are on the right track. PopPace is creating a mysterious gorgeous game world with stunningly cute graphics. Based on what we've seen so far, the worst thing we can say about it is that it will leave you wanting more to sink your teeth into.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

About PopPace

PopPace is a fast-rising digital interactive entertainment company, founded with the aim of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game publisher. It is dedicated to developing itself into the world's largest interactive entertainment platform by providing unique gaming environment and communities to gamers across the globe.

Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit for more Tamer Saga news and updates.



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