SteelWar Online: Join Crystal Campaign to Grab Loads of Crystals

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SteelWar Online

Embracing a terrific theme with various cutting-edge robots at its core, SteelWar Online has attracted legions of robot fans with its fantastic storyline and thrilling galactic battles. Today, PopPace team spared some time to talk about Crystal Campaign, from which players may grab loads of crystals and develop faster in game.

Crystals in SteelWar Online can be used to train characters, upgrade buildings, enhance equipment, research and even promote players' rank in a guild. In a way, players' crystal reserve decides their progress of development. That's why Crystal Campaign has become players' hot concern since SteelWar was available.

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Crystal Campaign starts at fixed time each day. All players are welcome to enter mining areas to collect crystals. More players in the same mining area, less crystals players may obtain. People say that the wages of avarice is death. It is not surprising that such abundant crystals can lead to very considerable conflict among players.

During the event, participating players can use their Honor or Gold to inspire their pilots if they conflict with others. Don't hate to part with your Gold. Details determine success or failure. Compared with loads of crystals you may obtain after the event ends, the in-game Gold you consume to inspire your team is only a mite on an elephant. In addition, players also need to pay attention to the required cool down time of performance, faction's bonus and their Attack/Defense bonus.

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Players need to personally experience the game and participate in more battles so that they may be able to discover more details and figure out more strategies to win the final victory. PopPace will also reveal more tips in days ahead to help players more.

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