10 Year Anniversary: AirlineSim Launches New Game World!

Date: Mar 28 2012 03:22:08 Source: Press Release Views:
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On March 28th 2012, aviation management game AirlineSim's newest game world "Meigs" has launched. This, the 9th game world, follows a long-standing tradition of naming the servers after airports which have made a keen impression on aviation history - Meigs, of course, being Chicago's famous waterfront airport, undoubtedly familiar to fans of the Flight Simulator series. This launch falls on AirlineSim's 10th year of existence, as a result of which several interesting changes will be introduced.

Meigs is the first game world to offer a Chinese translation and as such finally makes the game more accessible to many players from Asia. Among the various smaller changes and bugfixes, a new economic index finds its way into the game, adding a new dynamic component to the simulation framework. Traffic flows have been reviewed and are now more realistic in many parts of the simulated world. Last but not least, a number of new aircraft types, including the bleeding-edge B787 and the refreshed B747-8 have been added.

For the project's 10th anniversary, AirlineSim's development team have made some bold plans and a lot of interesting new features can be expected to arrive this year. But first, the birthday has to be properly celebrated: This summer, the community will gather on the Balearic island of Mallorca from September 22nd to look back at 10 years of AirlineSim history - and to take a look at the project's future.



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