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Tales of the World: Dice Adventure

Namco Bandai has recently announced the closed beta of their upcoming online browser game, Tales of the World: Dice Adventure. The CBT will be held on March 30 until April 5th, and a total of 3000 players will be chosen in this test. If you have a Banafes/Tales Channel Plus account, you can go ahead and sign up for it at the game's official site now.

Tales of the World: Dice Adventure

Tales of the World: Dice Adventure, Namco Bandai's upcoming Tales browser game, is like a hybrid between your standard Tales RPG and a dice-rolling board game. It will let you control and team up with various Tales of Series characters, featuring them in new chibi-fied art. In this game, you actually have your own avatar, similar to the ones used in Tales of the Town and Banafes! Town. As you go through the game board, you may engage other players in a battle using your own roster of Tales of Series characters (in chibi form).

Of course, this game is in Japanese. If you happen to know some Japanese, just have a try then.



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