Clan Night: Realm of the Mad God on 24th March

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Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God Screenshot

It's time to get together for some crazy to kill the boring life. How about a little bit of 8-bit charm with a rocking soundtrack and the feeling that you generally have no idea what is going on at any given time? May I welcome to you to Realm of the Mad God.

One of the newest Free to Play titles released on to Steam, Realm of the Mad God can most easily be described as a MMO bullet hell shooter. How do you feel about fending off a giant 8-bit Scorpion with up to 85 other players? That's all too likely in this game, as co-op is the bread and butter of gameplay. You start off playing as a Wizard, but as you play more you can unlock archers or assassins or any number of your favourites, but without the usual grinding that you get in MMOs. But possibly the best part is that this game can be played within a browser! Neato!

Due to the extreme accessibility, I'm hoping that all you Unionite Heroes will show up! The time and date for this event is: Saturday 24th March, 22:00 GMT.

In order to join up for this event, you need to register your interest by posting a response in this thread. After that, if you've never played the game before, you can do one of two things: Download the game from Steam for free and a game account will automatically be made for you. Or you can play in browser from the website and sign up with an account. Once you've done either of these things, play through the tutorial so you're all ready to go before Saturday!

Due to the slightly chaotic nature of this game, Skype will be a must for organisational purposes in terms of selecting the same server and game map. As usual, we will be running a voice chat, but text chat is just as good! Also, if you're going to be playing through Steam, you can use the text chat features on there. If you are interested in using Skype while we game, please send Chloe a PM with your Skype username so you can be added.

And that's all you need to know! Get ready to shoot like crazy!



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