Auto Pathfinding: Each One Has its Own Flavor

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Auto Pathfinding: Each One Has its Own Flavor

Most players must be familiar with auto pathfinding, which is frequently used in many RPG games. This feature indeed brings great convenience to our players to a great extent, making game playing just as simple as web browsing in which you can reach your target by merely clicking the hyperlink.

However, some players don't like the feature because they think auto pathfinding deprives the games of their facticity, reduces players' control over the characters and also their interests in game exploration.

The developers add auto pathfinding in the game simply for players to save their time and find their targets conveniently. However, it turns out to be inconvenience in many games, for example, you just need to go straight from A to B, while auto pathfinding will make a big circle. What's worse, auto pathfinding may lead you into monsters' cluster, where you might be killed carelessly.

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Thus, this is a discussion without any standard answer. Even though some players think auto pathfinding is somehow useless, as the official statistics reflect, a lot of games with auto pathfinding feature have over 100 thousand online players, who use such feature frequently. Now what's your opinion over the feature?

What kind of quest completion mode do you like?

What kind of auto pathfinding methods will you accept?



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