Lands of Hope: Phoenix Edition Reaches Quest Milestone

Date: Mar 15 2012 05:42:55 Source: Press Release Views:
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Lands of Hope: Phoenix Edition

Lands of Hope: Phoenix Edition one of the biggest and most in-depth browser games has reached a big milestone after one month of release.

We have been working hard the past month, tweaking some systems and adding in new content. This has now meant that the game has over 400 quests with more being added on a daily basis. LoHPE includes a level limit of 1500 which far exceeds any other game out there and beats the games predecessor by 500 levels. There are lots of things to do to keep yourself busy as you level up to that lofty height!

Also this past week we unleashed the Monsters of Olympus, a new content pack included with our Premium Content and unlocked automatically for existing Premium players. In this new content you are able to reach Mount Olympus once you reach level 1500. Here you will find many powerful and new monsters including the Kraken, Zeus and Ares.

The Gods themselves can be fought either solo or as part of a community effort with many amazing and one could say godly reward items up for grabs.

We at ForlornGames strive to provide a unique and dynamic gaming experience pushing the boundaries every day on what a browser game can do. Many of our players even play LoH:PE on Mobile Phones and Tablets using the full game interface with no performance issues or problems.

If you have not tried out Lands of Hope: Phoenix Edition, please do so today at



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