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We are very pleased to do an interview with PR manager Josephine Gehrke from Brick-Force about the start of its first closed beta test. Following are the interview questions for Josephine. We will invite you to get close to this game with our questions.

Josephine Gehrke

Hi, Josephine. It is very nice of you to accept our interview request. Will you please introduce yourself first and tell our players what kind of game Brick-Force is?

Well thanks to you for the interview request! I am really happy that you and your readers are interested in the game and want to know more about it! Let me introduce myself first: My name is Josephine Gehrke, I'm 25 years old and working as a PR manager at Infernum. Infernum is a Berlin based publisher and developer of online games, founded in last year's summer. We just started the closed beta phase of our first title – the cross-platform online game Brick-Force. We call it a sandbox shooter because it connects those two famous genres. On the one hand we have a sandbox mode, where players can build up maps in a Minecraft-inspired style; and on the other hand players can use those maps for sharing them with the community and play fps shooter features on them. Both genres are combined in a unique and fun way and we hope, the players will like it as much as we do. Thanks to the Unity-3D engine Brick-Force is playable on the PC and in the web browser. The sandbox mode will be also available for smartphones and tablets!

We know that Brick-Force is being developed by Korean game developer EXE Games as a co-production with Infernum. Is there a Korean Version of Brick-Force? Any difficulties in developing the game?

Yes there is a Korean version of the game and this is actually the base for the version we are going to publish it North America and Europe. Our experienced game improvement department and developing team are working strongly together with the community manager. So since the community is highly involved into the process, the player's feedback during the beta phase (and also later one) is very important for us and the future of the game. Of course we can't realize every wishes (for example we are limited technically), but I am sure this will influence the developing of the game.

According to previous reports, Brick-Force is the world's first cross-platform free-to-play sandbox fun-shooter. Can you disclose something about sandbox mode and shooter mode to our readers? I think players will be interested to know more.

In the sandbox mode players can build up maps using different sorts of building bricks. Like in Minecraft they can remove or place bricks. This mode is very accessible and playable alone or in a team with up to 8 players. The built maps can be shared with the community, which can rate them and use them for the shooter mode. The shooter mode contains several games modes such as Deathmatch, Defusion Bomb or Capture the Flag. Players can jump into games up to 8 players per team. Later on we will add further game modes, like a PvE mode for example.

How many weapons are in Brick-Force? Would you please give us a brief introduction to them?

The number of weapons vary because we are adding new weapons regularly. Brick-Force offers several kinds of weapons such as guns, sniper rifles, grenades, smoke bombs, hammers… And we are already developing new ones!

I saw lots of beautiful screenshots from I think this game features good graphics. Will you please talk about the other highlights in Brick-Force?

Thanks for the compliment! Another highlight is the fun style of the game. It's Asian style but without being serious about it – it's simply fun to look at it. What's also great about the game is the fact that it offers the two game modes and that it's a cross-platform game.

Some players think buying items will ruin the gaming experience, what do you think? How do you keep the balance between the players who choose to buy virtual items and those who buy nothing in Brick-Force?

We believe that the free-to-play model is not ruining the gaming experience, when it's done in a fair way. We will offer a free game download and playing. If players want, they can spent real money on certain items, but of course they don't have to. It will be also able to collect in-game currency with won shooter matches and good rated or often downloaded maps for example.

We are very glad to hear that the CBT of Brick-Force happening now. But how long do you expect it to stay in beta? Any brief ideas on release?

We are not sure yet on how long we will stay in the closed beta phase, before going live with the open beta and later publishing the release version. But it's sure that we will need some weeks for testing the technical capacities, collecting gamer's feedback and working on new features which we'll implement soon. At the moment we are working at the mobile version and a PvE mode for example. Infernum is aiming this Spring for open beta and release.

Will the players' data be kept after the beta test phase? Is there any bonus for the players who join in this closed beta?

Due to some technical matters, we are probably forced to do a character wipe. All players who have registered for the beta get one exclusive beta hammer, which won't be deleted with a new game version.

Are there many exciting CBT events?

At the moment there is nothing special planned, but I know that our community manager Matt already worked out some ideas for the future! Keep your eyes open on our forum, blog, Twitter and Facebook page!

Thanks a lot for accepting our interview. We wish Brick-Force a big success in the CBT. Last but not least, anything else you want to share with our readers?

Thank you very much! We are really looking forward receiving your game feedback and aim to present you a game you are going to love.



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