Wikia Passes IGN to Become the Largest Network of Gaming

Date: Mar 13 2012 02:13:47 Source: venturebeat Views:
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What happens when you combine the Wiki model of open, collaborative editing with just a pinch of old-school oversight? In the case of Wikia, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales for-profit company, you get the largest network of gaming sites in the world, with 26 million monthly unique views on the Wikia video games hub last month, moving ahead of IGN and Gamespot for the first time ever. These numbers come from Comscore data which compares the network of gaming sites run by Wikia and IGN.

Just as anyone can create a new article on Wikipedia, anyone can create a new community in Wikia. The founder sets the rules for that site and elects the moderators who help to govern it. There are now over 300,000 wikis generating around 50 million unique visitors a month. Six hundred new sites are created each day. So when talking about Wikia, we mean the universe of articles, reviews, walkthroughs, and videos dedicated to gaming which are collected under a central hub.

Wikia’s claim as the biggest gaming site in the world, however, isn’t cut and dry. is far larger than, and IGN is only available in one language, while Wikia is global. IGN also has a big audience away from its web site, with tens of million of visitors to its Youtube page and Xbox Live content. It’s hard to get an apples-to-apples comparison between the two companies.




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