Now2play Announces Open Beta of Crystal Saga

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Crystal Saga

Today, publisher Now2play is pleased to announce that the open beta for Falling stars of Crystal Saga will begin at 8pm March 11, 2012 (PST). As a completely 2.5D magical adventure, Choose from five classes, find a group and take down wild beasts and barbarians, gaining glory and equipment to aid your progress. Fight against the Undead to protect the world of Vidalia. Join in the battle, as this is your fate!

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CS starts with a fantasy and magical story. In the beginning, the universe was merely a mass of chaos. Rolling thunder accompanied by lightning raged across the world, while the hot and scorching sun baked the Earth's surface till it boiled. It was a lifeless world filled only with deathly still and dust. At this point, Chaotic hero came out and fought for protecting the planet. Knight, Rogue, Priest, Ranger and Mage are the most representative warriors during this time.

Events will be hosted all month long. These activities will help you get started along the path to help your faction rule the land. Soon you will be carving your way into the history books of the kingdom, and your name will become legend.

Join the open beta today and expand your gaming horizons!

Crystal Saga Screenshot


  1. Several events are prepared for you to join in. For more information please check 10 Hot events(updating soon).
  2. To make your open beta experience more riveting, you can buy Crystal and find more fantastic things in the shop.
  3. All player's records will NOT be deleted after Beta test over( Open Beta will last for about 1 week).They will carry over to the official game.



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